Twenty-seven members met on a glorious sunny day for a ten mile walk from Kettlewell in Wharfedale. This unusually large group was led by Ken Whatmuff, ably assisted by George Lyons acting as 'tail end Charlie.'

Our route led us initially along the valley in a north easterly direction to the hamlet of Starbotton where we crossed over the River Wharfe. A steady climb through Wibbertons Fields, bedecked in cowslips, violets and purple orchids, led to Middlesmoor Pasture, the high ground between Wharfedale and Littondale. After enjoying the breathtaking views the group made a steady descent to the lovely village of Arncliffe. Our lunch stop by the church provided a great opportunity to witness groups of swifts and swallows enjoying good fly hunting by the River Skirfare.

The riverside path to Hawkswick required a recrossing of the river after which a steady climb around Knipe Scar brought us to our return track to Kettlewell via Gate Cote Scar.


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