Upper Nidderdale

Brian White was our leader on Saturday's nine mile walk in Upper Nidderdale. After a week of heavy rain, Saturday began in the same fashion but had lightened considerably by the time the group of nine walkers had arrived at Middlesmoor. The group headed for Scar House Reservoir following Moor Lane, which forms part of the Nidderdale Way, pausing to enjoy the spectacular sight of the overflow from the dam in brilliant sunshine. Continuing on over the dam and ascending the fell side along Carle Fell Road we experienced the full force of a strong westerly wind on our backs. Just after crossing Woo Gill the group left the Nidderdale Way to pick up the Dale Edge track which we followed to our lunch point in the shelter of a stone wall. What a good move this proved to be as we were soon treated to a short but violent hailstorm which provided a good test for umbrellas! Making the best of our good fortune the group resumed the walk on The Edge track as far as the hunting lodge above Thorpe Farm. The descent proved to be a little tricky as a result of the recent rainfall, but after a few slips, all arrived safely in the valley bottom. Here, we found only a light breeze which made our ascent to Middlesmoor all the more enjoyable. Brian was congratulated on his skill and enthusiasm during his first venture as a walks leader.



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