How Stean - June 2006

The wide variety of landscape to be found in Upper Nidderdale was displayed to best advantage in last Saturdays walk from How Stean Gorge. Led by Agnes Farrar the group of eight took the path to Ruscoe Farm initially walking alongside of How Stean Beck. The woodland in the valley was teeming with birdlife and gloriously bedecked in bluebells giving the impression that this surely must be the best part of the walk, but it was only one aspect of it. Ascending from the valley via farmland the group made its way to the open moorland of Armathwaite Allotment. A joyful chorus of Skylark with intermittent interruptions from Lapwing and Oystercatcher greeted us as we made our way to join Moor lane to walk around Scar House Reservoir. Here, the clarity of the sky enabled us to enjoy remarkably good views in all directions without the slightest hint of cloud. After lunch, in the shade of one of the observation huts provided by Yorkshire Water, the group made its way over Angram Dam to return to Middlesmoor along Moor Lane. The final stretch was downhill to How Stean for afternoon tea.



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